About HopeRocks

A Note From Rachel Hope Needle, Founder and Designer of HopeRocks Jewelry

 HopeRocks Jewelry is my own collection of versatile and sophisticated bracelets, earrings, and necklaces that are hand-crafted from natural stones that impart energy and meaning. My inspiration for HopeRocks came from a sudden spark of creativity, and the burgeoning realization that the stones were, for me, more than pretty rocks; they were a connection to nature - whose vast, awe-inducing beauty has always given me perspective and an escape from stress. Being in nature reminds me to focus on what truly matters, and inspires me to be my best self.

HopeRocks was also born from my life-long passion for equality and civil rights. Although my entire vision for HopeRocks wasn’t clear at the time, I knew from the very beginning that in order to be inspired enough to wake up every single day and pour all of my heart and energy into growing this business, that I needed to be true to my WHY, which is as much about making a difference as it is about making beautiful jewelry. The process of digging deep within to create HopeRocks helped me realize that my voice is powerful and passionate, and that I need to use it. And I realized that those of us who value love and kindness and are unable to ignore injustice and human suffering need to identify ourselves, stand in solidarity, and become a force for good. The world needs us. NOW.

For all of these reasons, social responsibility is the foundation of HopeRocks Jewelry. I knew it wouldn’t be meaningful enough for me to say that HopeRocks would give a percentage of our profit, or “a portion of our sales”, which is often confusing and sounds better than it is. It had to be significant and transparent.

That’s why HopeRocks proudly gives 10% of the price of every piece of jewelry sold to support the work of an amazing non-profit, Generation Hope.

Generation Hope’s mission is to offer a two-generation solution to alleviating poverty by providing teen parents with the emotional and financial support they need to graduate from college, rise out of poverty, and create a brighter future for their children. Supporting Generation Hope is very personal for me because of my life-long passion for equality; my deep empathy for those who lack economic opportunity; and because as a mother, I want all children to have an opportunity to succeed - not just my own.

I am also personally involved in Generation Hope as a mentor and sponsor for my own Generation Hope Scholar, Jocelyn, and serve on their Board of Directors.

HopeRocks is handcrafted here in the US, as well as in Vietnam, by a women’s cooperative comprised of highly skilled artisans. The women’s cooperative not only pays higher than average salaries – it also pays for their children to go to school, which aligns perfectly with HopeRocks' efforts here in the US to create a sustainable solution to alleviating poverty. Education leads to financial independence, and is a big part of the solution.

I hope you are inspired by our story, and want to become a part of the HopeRocks movement to spread kindness, alleviate poverty, and create a better tomorrow for all of our children.