HopeRocks Ambassador Program

HopeRocks Ambassador Program

HopeRocks Jewelry is looking for fashionable, heart-centered, "conscious" individuals to help spread the message about HopeRocks. You should share our passion for beautiful jewelry and making a meaningful difference in the world. You should be active on social media and have a following of others who share our values. You must be excited about helping to promote an up and coming brand. And you have to be open to looking fabulous in our jewelry! You’ll be getting it for free.

Ambassador Responsibilities

As a HopeRocks Ambassador you will be helping to promote our brand and share the incredible attributes of our jewelry with your community. You will be sent a new piece of jewelry every other month. Your job is to promote it! Ambassadors are required to post at least four times on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, SnapChat, Twitter or a combination of platforms about each piece. Ambassadors are also encouraged to promote other pieces, limited-time discounts, and the HopeRocks message in general.

During select periods throughout the year, Ambassadors will also be provided with a unique discount code for their followers to use to receive discounts on HopeRocks purchases. Ambassadors can earn credit toward the purchase of any piece of HopeRocks Jewelry based on the sales volume associated with their unique discount code. Or, Ambassadors can choose to have this same value donated to the HopeRocks partner nonprofit, Generation Hope, or another nonprofit organization of their choosing.


HopeRocks Ambassadors must maintain AT LEAST TWO of the following minimums:

  • 1,000 Instagram followers
  • 2,500 Facebook friends or followers
  • 1,000 Pinterest followers
  • 500 Snapchat friends
  • 2,500 Twitter followers

Ambassadors must be at least 18 years of age and have a reliable mailing address.


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